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Noriyuki Fujimura is researching the field between public art, architecture and interactive art.





Noriyuki Fujimura, Japanese Media Artist is exploring the field between interactive art and public space

Fujimura's past work includes many interactive public sculptures; he is very interested in working in public settings and creating works which respond to and interact with the audience and the environment of the specific site. His goal of these artwork is using interactive art as a tool to restore and renovate the concept and function of public space.

For example, Remote Furnitute (1999-),his first successfull interactive artwork, has shown in various public spaces around Tokyo area. He organized exhibition project Public Communication Sculpture(1998-),to show these interactive artworks in public spaces. As a result, the exhibition project was introduced in CAST01 conference at Bonn,Germany(2001) and Remote Furniture won a prize in Deutsche bank's student art competition. Remote Furniture also presented in SIGGRAPH 04 Emerging Technology and has been showing at Ars Electronica Center.

The experience of showing his artworks in foreign countries enforces his concern of public space and interactive art. World /World (2001),is networked installation to suggest an alternative usage of the internet beyond language barrier by using tactile sensation. The artwork setteled in two public spaces in Tokyo and Germany. He collaborated with artist collective of Garmany to realize the artwork which is shown on both sides of the earth simultaneously.

After he came to US in 2001, he has continued this personal mission as research fellow of STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout working with Pittsburgh's art community to create interactive atworks,he realized how the parception of public space there is differnt than he used to know in Japan. Televised Distance (2002-),is his reply for current situation of downtown Pittsburgh by using 60's hollywood technology, red and blue glasses.

His current work, Footprint Mapping(2004-) was shown at PSY-GEO-CONFLUX festival in New York City on May 2004 and is waiting for next venue for showing.

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